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1 Final approval is conditioned upon satisfaction of specific terms and conditions, as outlined herein and in your loan documents. Approval expires within two days of the date of this communication and is conditional on certain terms and conditions.

2 Total estimated loan amount and estimated monthly payment may vary slightly due to payment protection insurance requirements calculated while generating loan closing documents. LiftFund charges a commitment fee to help offset loan processing and associated costs. UCC1 fees cover our costs of placing a blanket lien on your business assets to secure this loan. LiftFund requires all loan repayment be protected in the event of disability or death. The final payment protection insurance amount will be calculated at closing and will be included in the loan balance to be repaid during the repayment term.

3 Closing documents must be signed by 12:00 PM to be eligible for potential same-day funding. Otherwise, funds may be deposited within 1-3 business days.